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  • Who can benefit from using Gritty?
    Gritty is ideal for coaches who are ready to empower their team with mental performance training, as well as individual athletes looking to add more focus and confidence to their game and take it to the next level.
  • How do I get started with Gritty?
    Easy. Sign up as a coach, create a team and invite your other coaches and players to join.
  • How does Gritty differ from other mental training apps?
    The app is focused on gradually developing three habits that can help boost focus, resilience and confidence. Gritty is uniquely tailored for young athletes and incorporates gamification and rewards to make mental training engaging and effective.
  • Can coaches monitor athlete progress through the app?
    Yes, Gritty provides coaches with tools to track individual and team progress, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and personalize training plans accordingly.
  • What kind of training does Gritty offer?
    Gritty offers a variety of training focused on improving concentration, building resilience under pressure, enhancing confidence, as well as offering lessons on why mental performance matters.
  • Is Gritty available on Android and iOS devices?
    Not yet, but soon. Gritty is currently a web app only, but we are expecting to be on the app stores soon.
  • What are the subscription options and costs?
    Gritty offers several subscription options to fit different needs and budgets. Details can be found on the pricing section of our app or website.
  • What’s the money back guarantee?
    If 80% of your team is training on the app a minimum of five times a week for six months and you don’t see an improvement we will refund your money.
  • How do I report a problem or give feedback about the app?
    Users can report problems or provide feedback directly by contacting our customer service team through the contact information provided on the website.
  • What measures does Gritty take to protect user privacy?
    Gritty adheres to strict data protection regulations and uses industry standard measures to ensure all user data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security.
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