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My discovery of the power of mindset changed the course of my life and led me to embark on this mission to make mental performance training as common as physical training.

As a certified mental performance coach and founder of Gritty my passion is helping young athletes develop a limitless mindset for sports and life.

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My Story

“Mindset” by Dr. Carol Dweck introduced me to the concept of a growth mindset and changed the course of my life. 


For the first time, I became conscious of the limiting beliefs that had been holding me back, and aware that I could take action to crush those limiting beliefs and start the process of installing a limitless mindset that would unlock my potential. 


I quit smoking, started exercising a little, eating a little better, reading, and meditating. Since that epiphany in 2020, I have steadily been adding and improving my habits as part of a continual process of self-improvement. We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.


With a son in competitive hockey, I witnessed a community of parents, players, and coaches investing a tremendous amount of time and budget towards physical skills, and almost no time on developing the mental skills it takes to truly realize your potential. This holds true for every sport at almost every level.


As the beneficiary of the transformative power of mindset, I was fortunate to be gifted with a new life’s purpose – to make mental performance training as common as physical training for young athletes. I saw the opportunity and decided to take a deep dive into the subject of mental performance and mindset training, reading countless books and completing certification as a Mental Performance Coach. 


As a mental performance coach, I can only help as many athletes as my schedule will allow, as founder of the Gritty app I have the potential to help hundreds of thousands of young athletes unlock the power of their minds to become unstoppable competitors and live a richer life outside of the sports arena as well.

I'm always open to new connections and conversations. Reach out.

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