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If you're not training your mind,
you're not really training at all.

The physical skill gap narrows at every level, mental toughness is what separates the elite from the average. Mental performance training has become an essential component of any complete training program.

A brain lifitng weight to represent mental training.

Become Unstoppable

Gritty mental performance training gives you the tools you need to develop laser focus, unshakeable resilience and bulletproof confidence to become an unstoppable competitor.

Develop laser focus & concentration

Sharper focus results in increased awareness, improved decision-making, and enhanced reaction time.

Gain unshakable resilience

Build the resilience to bounce back from bad shifts and overcome the inevitable setbacks and challenges. 

Build bullet proof confidence

Confidence is the cornerstone of peak performance, transforming potential into excellence.

Get more ice time, more points and more enjoyment out of the game you love, training as little as 15 minutes a day.

Screen shot of Gritty Mental Performance Training app.


Master your self-talk

Your thoughts are your greatest allies, or your worst enemies. With Gritty, you'll master the skill of harnessing positive self-talk and break free from limiting beliefs to unleash a torrent of unstoppable self-confidence.


Visualize your success

Visualization is every great athletes secret weapon. Gritty's techniques unlock your mind's eye, allowing you to visualize your success like a pro. Fuel your dreams with the images of glory, and watch them manifest on the ice!


Believe in yourself

In hockey and life, your mindset is the game-changer. Gritty empowers you to develop a limitless mindset that thrives on challenges, embraces adversity, and refuses to accept limits. Elevate your thinking, and there's no ceiling to your hockey dreams.

Screen shots of Gritty Mental Performance Training app.


Personalized Training

Progress Tracking



Gritty rewards screenshot.
Gritty rewards market screenshot.


Earn points for training, and streak rewards for staying consistent.

Cash in your points in the Rewards Market for prize draws, gift cards, and more.

Grow your athletes with Gritty

Youth today are navigating an increasingly complex media landscape contributing to all-time high levels of anxiety. This environment can impact their ability to maintain focus, exhibit resilience in the face of setbacks, and show confidence when it matters most. 


As a coach, you understand the importance of nurturing not just their skills but also their mental strength. That's where Gritty comes in - an innovative solution designed to develop your team's mental game.

Simple practices of visualization, mindfulness, and affirmations proven to build mental toughness 

Unique gamification and rewards system motivates athletes to engage consistently for maximum effect

Leaderboards put you in control of additional incentives and player accountability

A unique approach to mental performance training

Join the leading edge of coaching by integrating Gritty into your training program, and witness the transformation in your athletes' focus, resilience, and confidence, leading to improved performance and overall enjoyment of the game.

Gerald Flach

Founder, Gritty Mental Performance

A few years ago a book about mindset changed the direction of my life.
I quit smoking, started exercising, meditating, eating better and slowly but surely replacing bad habits with good ones, including a reading habit that has allowed me to become very educated in the area of mindset.
Now, as a Certified Mental Performance Coach, I have made it my mission to make mental performance training as common as physical training for young athletes.
At Gritty we're creating a future where mental strength is as ubiquitous as physical strength. Integrating our mental performance training tools into daily practice develops the focus, resilience and confidence that will make better athletes and stronger individuals.  
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